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The new-built flats are located in LocalitÓ Garassini, in the very near hinterland of Andora (SV), in the west coast of Liguria, Italy, at a total distance of 6 km from the sea. 
They have been made from a rural building that was one of the oldest of the area. The vertical and horizontal bearing structures were in a very bad state. 
A portion of the roofing collapsed and many cracks showed a critical situation of collapse risk. These conditions did not allow the restoration of the old building which had been completely pulled down and then reconstructed. The rebuilding has been executed in conformity with the best building technique. 
All the construction works, and especially the reinforced concrete and the deadening, have been supervised by engineers. COSENTINO COSTRUZIONI SNC chose a high quality execution to improve the building with something more than the simple outward appearance according to the special philosophy of the firm. 
Like a real estate investment, it is a very good opportunity because prices are lower than those in the centre; besides, the flats have a big value due to the new settling development of this area that is expected to become even more appreciable. 

The firm is going to make similar interventions in this site.

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